Solving problems is often seen as an automatism rather than a process. But there are problems that challenge us: they are too large or to multifaceted to be solved immediately. Or any previous solution lead to new and other problems. Or those problems have never been solved before because we have never encountered them before. This is where Design Thinking offers a multi-step process to take a closer look at the problem. If we have clarified what exactly the problem is, we may start out to find an innovative and best fitting solution, which adds value for users and the environment.
The diverse team is at the heart of this process. Each team member contributes their respective strengths and knowledge to the collaboration and working on a problem turns out to promote team building.


DT Workshops

You want to get to know the Design Thinking mindset or to start concrete projects? A Design Thinking workshop opens up new perspectives on deadlocked topics, breaking down complex problems and enabling rapid testing of prototypes. In my workshops, I especially emphasis on team-building using impulses from Positive Psychology. These workshops are for groups of up to twelve people at your location, in external rooms or online.

DYL Workshops

In my Compass Workshops I use the Design Thinking process, but the goal here is to design your own life and/or your career. Participants develop their individual plans and outlines and use the group to reflect on them. To enhance the reorientation process, I use findings and interventions from Positive Psychology, so that both the professional and the personal environment is considered in the outlining of the new approach. This workshop takes place offline and online in groups of up to twelve people.

Presentations and Keynotes

You want to get to know Design Thinking and Design Your Life? I deliver keynotes and presentations on both topics explaining the process. All is possible: Just a presentation, involving the audience or even trying out parts of the process. Depending on time and group-size, a short Design Sprint with simple examples is also possible.


Creativity & Positive Emotions

Research in Positive Psychology shows that productivity and creativity are strengthened by collaborative work in a positive working environment. An appreciative atmosphere fosters innovative solutions, recognition of accomplishments leads to positive working surroundings, and advancing meaningful projects promotes collaboration.

Diversity &

Design Thinking is centered on creative developing and working together on a project. Of course, not everyone has to be able to do everything. In this way, different skills and strengths can unfold in diverse teams, which leads to productive collaboration. It is important to me to support this as a coach and, in doing so, delivering a result both for a problem and a team.

Individual Strengths & developing

How often do you see where others fall short, focusing only on their deficits? If we pay attention to our and others strengths instead, we can use them to solve complex problems. This way, we get to better and innovative solutions. Using your own strengths also means actively shaping your (professional) life, taking new (thinking) paths and it leads to growing and flourishing.


Please feel free to contact me for individual questions and offers

    Meiken Endruweit

    I am a certified Design Thinking Coach (hpi) and trained in Positive Psychology (DAS DHGS). I accompany groups and teams so that they can discover and develop creativity and teamwork as an important form of expression and growth potential.
    In the midst of the Corona pandemic, I founded the Whispering Gallery with my friends Kerrin Hoeffler and Sandra van Lente. The Gallery is a virtual space where people from different creative and artistic backgrounds meet every month for networking, exchange and inspiration.